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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-10-07T07:16:23-04:00

如果您有问题不在我们的常见问题解答中,请致电 844-991-9900 and we will be happy to assist you. We are available 24/7.

We know patients, as well as family members, friends, and referral sources, have a lot of questions before, during, and after inpatient treatment so we have addressed many of the frequent questions.



Hendricks Behavioral Hospital offers specialty programs such as Seeking Safety for our adult dual diagnosis patients and mental health, Illness Management and Recovery for our adult intensive care patients and Zones of Regulation for our adolescent patients. These therapy models allow the opportunity for patients with similar issues to process in a group setting under the care of a psychiatrist.


Therapy is based on working with the patient in the development and integration of knowledge, identification of their individual triggers and development of self-regulation coping skills. 病人通过积极的治疗得到激励, assignment completion, 在支持病人的同时给予鼓励和激励. Emotional responses to trauma often trigger maladaptive behaviors which may present in aggression, 反对权威人物或其他有害行为. Being in a safe environment while the patient receives feedback and develops healthy coping skills is essential. 治疗的关键组成部分包括心理教育, 放松疗法,帮助病人连接思想, feelings and behaviors. The successful outcomes will result in the patient integrating what has been learned in treatment, 病人与他人的关系如何,他们对未来的期望是什么.


认知行为疗法(CBT)是一种短期疗法, present oriented, evidenced based therapy used to treat a wide variety of psychiatric disorders and psychological problems, 包括但不限于情绪障碍和焦虑症. CBT is individually tailored in order to build a strong therapeutic alliance and emphasizes collaboration and active participation from the treatment team and the patient. CBT is a time-limited approach to therapy designed to focus on the present time. CBT的核心价值之一是教会患者如何识别, evaluate, 并对他们不正常的想法做出反应, 行为和信念,以改变个人的思想, mood, 以及更健康的行为方式.


药物管理-主治精神病医生将评估, 在每位患者住院期间开具并监督其用药.

Case Management — A therapist will be assigned to each patient to assist them with coordination of aftercare appointments, family and referring professionals.

团体治疗-我们每天提供有执照的治疗师的团体治疗. Group therapy can be a powerful experience where patients can learn how to monitor their feelings, 想法和行动,在安全的环境中进行测试.


把你的衣服限制在一周内你需要的范围内. Casual clothing is recommended.

随意换三到四套衣服. For example, casual pants or jeans, casual shirts, or comfortable, casual dresses. 请注意,不允许使用冒犯性或不恰当的标识. 洗衣通道提供洗衣液.

能维持三到四天的袜子和内衣. Please do not bring tube socks or leggings.



Toiletries: Comb, brush, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and rechargeable electric razor. We provide toiletries, if needed. (No glass or aluminum containers, no mirrors, no alcohol content in any products, and no hair dryers or flat/curling irons.)

Medications: Please bring all your medications and provide a list of your current prescription and over-the-counter medications, including dosages and frequency. HBH将只提供我们处方上的药物. 这可能不包括为某些医疗条件规定的药物.

电话号码:准备一份重要的电话号码清单, as you will not have immediate access to a cell phone while you are in treatment.

Please leave these items at home:

  • 请勿携带珠宝、金钱或其他贵重物品. Wedding rings are appropriate.
  • 禁止穿系带的衣服:运动裤, running shorts, hoodies, pajamas, shoes with laces, paracord jewelry or watches, etc. Belts are also not allowed on pants.
  • Electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, radios, cell phones, alarm clocks or other items with a cord.
  • 你自己的枕头、床单、毯子或毛绒玩具. 我们将为您提供住宿期间所需的所有床单和枕头.
  • 医院外的食物和饮料. 我们会为你提供正餐和零食. 任何特殊的饮食需求都可以与我们的营养师讨论.

All of a patient’s belongings will be reviewed by a qualified staff member and recorded on a Patient Property Inventory. This list of belongings will be reviewed with the patient and the patient will need to sign this form. 赌博排行前十网站不对损失负责, stolen or damaged articles listed under the “Items retained by the patient” section of the form.


当你第一次来到赌博排行前十网站时, 你将与我们的招生部门的成员见面. 为了保证你和你周围人的安全, you will be asked to place your belongings in a safe and secure location within our building. 您将被要求完成注册文件.

完成您的注册文件后, one of our professional mental health Intake staff will meet with you for a free mental health and/or addiction assessment. Once the assessment is complete, our mental health professional will provide you with their recommendations on a level of care that is right for you. 如果你被我们的项目录取, 理财顾问会向你解释你目前的保险福利.

Please bring:

  • Form of state or federally issued ID (Parent’s ID if bringing in an adolescent)
  • Insurance card
  • Emergency contact information
  • List of current prescription medications
  • CPAP machine if used at home
  • List of important phone numbers
  • 医疗授权书或监护文件,如果需要的话
  • 证明未成年人合法监护权的法律文件


  • State of Federal issued ID, Insurance Card
  • 您目前的心理健康提供者或其他医疗保健提供者的名单
  • 3到5天的休闲舒适的衣服,没有任何束缚
    • 1条睡衣(无拉绳,必须包括上衣和下装)
    • 3条裤子或合适的短裤(无绑带)
    • 3-5 t-shirts long/short sleeve
    • 2件运动衫、毛衣或夹克(无系带)
    • 3 bras (no underwire)
    • 3-5 pairs of underwear
    • 3-5 pairs of socks
    • 1双运动鞋、滑梯、拖鞋(不系鞋带)
    • Eyeglasses, hearing aids
    • Medications: inhalers, birth control pills and antibiotics if you are currently taking them
    • An accurate list of your current medications including dosage and frequency you take them
    • Toothpaste and toothbrush
    •  Shampoo/Conditioner
    •  Hairbrush
    •  Deodorant
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Jewelry is limited to wedding ring only (please leave all other jewelry including any of significant value at home)
  • Basic hygiene kits will be provided to you at no cost if you don’t have those items
  • All clothing must provide adequate coverage. 如果员工认为衣服不合适(太紧), too short, offensive to others, or dirty those items will be stored for you until you discharge from our facility
What are visiting hours? What are my phone and internet privileges?2022-01-31T17:37:41-05:00


Telephone Calls: Patients will be asked to provide friends or family with a 4-digit code in order to receive phone calls during their stay. Hendricks Behavioral Hospital will not be able to confirm or deny if a patient is in our program without the caller providing the appropriate 4-digit code. Patients will provide a list of their approved contact list at admission or on their unit. 患者将能够在指定的通话时间与亲人取得联系. Phone calls may be limited in duration so that all patients may be able to reach their loved ones.

Internet privileges: 病人在治疗期间不能上网. This allows the patient to fully participate in programming in a distraction free environment.

Outside Food: For the safety, sanitation and dietary management process, family and friends are not allowed to bring outside food and beverages during the stay.

How do I obtain a patient ID?2022-01-31T17:38:12-05:00

Every patient is protected under the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) law that requires us to keep our patient’s identity confidential.

患者在入院时将获得一个唯一的4位数身份证号. They will have the opportunity to give their patient ID number to whomever they choose. 如果你还没有收到这个号码, please leave a message for the patient and if they are admitted to the hospital, our staff will give the patient a message that you are attempting to reach them. Receptionists or other hospital staff will not be able to confirm if a patient is admitted to the hospital without the patient ID. 如果病人不想提供身份证, 这是他们的权利,电话可能不予回复.

We strive to include friends, 病人的家属和转诊来源, 但我们尊重每位患者的隐私并遵守HIPAA法律.

如果你是一个转诊专业人士试图联系你的病人, please contact us and ask for one of our community liaisons to provide assistance.


赌博排行前十网站接受大多数商业保险, managed Medicaid and Medicare plans, Healthy Indiana Plans, Medicaid for patients under 21, Medicare and TRICARE®. 如需咨询财务顾问,请致电 844-991-9900 并要求商务办公室讨论任何财务问题.

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